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I would like to proceed with an order - what is the fulfillment process?

From confirmation in writing that you would like to proceed with an order, the following process will be followed with required information highlighted where needed;

  1. Order details will be confirmed including number of instances required, desired go-live date and if any data migration is needed from previous systems.
    1. If required, we will discuss data transfer with you and determine whether we can remotely access your current system(s) or if offline procedures would need to be followed.
  2. Once the order has been confirmed, we will ask you to register as a customer on our My Netwise Hosting control panel at https://my.netwisehosting.co.uk/register.php
  3. Following this, we will request a copy of your I5Z Legal Entity file, which is normally available to download from your IUCLID account - if you do not have one then it is possible to register for a new file/user on the www.iuclid.eu website.
  4. Next, a domain name will need to be arranged for remote access to your new system - this can either be a completely new domain e.g. www.iuclidinstance.com or a subdomain one you already own e.g. iuclid.yourdomain.com. If you chose the latter, we will need to liase directly with your IT department in order to provide details on the configuration required.
  5. The day prior to your go-live date we will setup your new IUCLID instance on a dedicated server within our data centre facility in South London. This will include the provisioning of security policies, updates and required plugins alongside IUCLID itself.
  6. Once the new system has been verified for full functionality, we will then agree on a transfer window for any previous data and perform the migration - normally the evening prior to your go-live date.
  7. If a transfer is not required, then we will import just your Legal Entity file and create an Admin user with new secure login credentials, allowing for administration as required by the end user.
  8. Any user information that will be imported as part of a transfer from a previous system will require password resets. This is a security procedure and is very simple to administer through the main IUCLID interface.
  9. On the go-live date we will pass on full access and service information with engineers on standby should any further immediate assistance be required - this date would also form the start of your monthly billing cycle with us.

If you have any questions regarding the above process then please don't hesitate to contact one of the Netwise Hosting team, we are only too happy to help.

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