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Most Popular Articles

 I would like to proceed with an order - what is the fulfillment process?

From confirmation in writing that you would like to proceed with an order, the following process will be followed with required information highlighted where needed; Order details will be confirmed including number of instances...

 How do I install Remote Desktop Web connection?

If you want to install of modify Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Web Connection simply configure the following on your Netwise Hosting Windows Dedicated Server. 1.) Open Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel2.) Click Add/Remove...

 PUE? What does this mean?

PUE is short hand for Power Usage Effectiveness. PUE is essentially how effectively a data centre uses its power; more specifically how much of the power is used in running the computing power within the facility as opposed to running...

 What is Reverse DNS (rDNS)?

Reverse DNS is, quite simply, the inverse process of normal DNS - or 'forward' DNS. You can find out more about forward DNS here. In short, rDNS allows an IP address to be resolved back to a domain name, the direct opposite of standard...

 How accessible are Netwise data centres?

In short, very accessible! Our facilities are well placed for access in all directions, whether coming a short distance or visiting from afar. This means our data centres are served by fantastic road and rail links, making physical...